Digital Smile Design

The aim of digital smile design is to determine the patient’s ideal smile. The struggle to smile, which causes psychological problems for people can be solved via digital smile design, increasing the quality of life.

Every person has unique and characteristic facial features. The design of teeth and smile must be made while taking these features into consideration. To do the digital smile design, facial features of the patient are transferred to a digital environment and evaluated using special software, resulting in individual designs. Treatment period starts following the consent of the patient.


Digital smile design is the process of determining the ideal smile for a person. All of the planning is made with the patient and the treatment period starts after approval is received from the patient. Generally, the treatment planned with the dentist is completed in two appointments. If adjustments are necessary on the digital smile design, the second appointment is repeated.

Digital smile design consists of several steps, first of which is taking photos of the patient smiling. These photos are transferred to the computer and adjusted via photo editing software. The virtually made post-op photo is shown to the patient and if any changes are required adjustments are made. Following the patient’s approval, treatment is begun.